Etixx Energy Gel - Isotonic - 12 x 40g

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Can be used as an isotonic beverage when consumed together with 500 ml water.

Triple action sugar mix for extended energy
With salts to maintain good hydration level
With Vitamin C to support energy metabolism

This gel contains the ‘triple action effect’ sugar syrup and a mix of citrates.

This unique sugar mixture comprises the ideal combination of monosaccharides, disaccharides and higher (poly) saccharides. Because these chains differ in length, they are gradually being absorbed into the body. Because of this you will notice an immediate effect, but will the extra energy also be available for a longer period.

Citrates are a kind of salts. These ensure that your fluid balance stays optimal during exercise. This gel becomes an isotonic beverage when combined with 500ml of water. We recommend using this gel during longer efforts and in warmer weather. Also athletes who naturally sweat a lot will benefit from using this gel.

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